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Ancona is a seaport city located in the Marche region of Italy. The town is well known for its rich churches like the famous church of San Ciriaco. The archaeological museums in the city and long hilltop parks are the highlighting destinations in Ancona. The port of Ancona is one of the major ports in the Adriatic sea. Many beautiful architecture theatres are found in Ancona with recent trendy concerts and cinemas. The city several late gothic buildings including some palace. The open air museums would explain more interesting long stories about the city.

One of the largest theatres among the place is Muse theatre that frequently hosts grand operas is present in Ancona. The ballet’s and jazz festivals held in Doric theatres by talented artists of marche. Piazza San Francesco is an excellent church with outstanding architecture. The precious Italian gothic style of building greatly admired by the tourists of Ancona! Italy’s largest shrine devoted to the Virgin Mary is found in Ancona city. Traditional festivals of the sea are held in Ancona regularly and a great town to explore with cycling and horseback riding.

The oldest church Santa maria Della Piazza, built during the 6th century is still preserved and maintained in Ancona. The town has its ancona Falconara airport that is 18km away from the city! Pubs are ultimate entertainments in ancona found near to the squares. Parco del Cardeto is a beautiful park on the hills close to the city. The Internet cafe is on the port and a bit east of the train station. It is also an international calling service! The roman-gothic style Cathedral of San Ciriaco is built on the site of a much more ancient temple and has an attractively understated facade, especially the ornate doorway.

Inside the painted ceiling and dome are the main highlights. There is a good art gallery in Ancona named the Pinacoteca, which contains works by Titian, Lotto and others. It is a popular arrival point from the UK with flights to the nearby Falconara airport acting as a popular entry destination for the Marches region of Italy and is also used as a ferry port for passengers to Greece and Croatia. Parco del Cardeto is a lovely park found behind the hill of the city! The pine tree’s shade and sea breezes are extremely refreshing that too in hot summer. A 19th-century lighthouse and a Napoleonic era are found near this garden.

Tactile Museum Omero Statile is the museum where you can touch and feel the art! Sculptures are designed in a way in order to feel where specifically those are created for blind. Osteria del Pozzo is a spot for excellent seafood, generous helpings of pasta with shellfish and they are beautifully cooked and served. Cremeria Rosa is a great cafeteria to be a foodie person! ice cream and pizza are served up in a better way. Enopolis is another good restaurant with contemporary arrangements where fresh kinds of seafood along with the serving of great hospitality.

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