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Bologna Nightlife


Bologna Nightlife is a great event to be enjoyed with enthusiastic clubs, bars, discos and lively music shows! The party extends and goes on up to early morning starting from the night! The nightlife starts at 7 pm with the appetiser where music bars and discos are filled with regional and tourists people! One of the best and easy way to get to know about Italian and Bolognese people is the nightlife. The city is meant to be alive at nights with young and energetic people gathering on the squares. The prestigious nightclubs tempt you to have your lively dance performances at the clubs in front of various people.

The dinner joint clubs and upbeat of DJ’s would be great with pizzeria availability at the night clubs! Bravo cafe is a jazz music hosting bar that offers homemade pasta in hearty Bolognese cuisines is familiar in Bologna. Rosa rose is a trendy bar with excellent serving by the waiters and tables arranged outdoor can be the best to choose during nightlife events! Salsa could be one of the most preferred dances in bologna nightlife with those tank tops for girls and baggy hip-hop pants for guys! Bologna is full of the student population in nightlife where late in the evening there are many clubs and bars that suit everyone in the place like jazz music, salsa dances, amazing cocktail offering bars and much more to love the ambience of nightlife!

A glass of wine and snacks to prefer to eat are available in the buffet so that you can choose what you want and great feel of appetisers at the nightlife bars. The hottest club in the town is Der Kindergarten, it hosts rock’n roll music with german sounds and international favourite songs. The popular and stylish DJ’s with the crowd of students and international tourists definitely presents a lively performance! The ultimate disco bar in the town is the millennium open in all seven nights of the week. The rocky nights with disco themed parties are great pleasure at bologna’s nightlife!

Soda pop is one of the best places to spend Bolognese night for different parties each night with a wonderful energetic team and fascinating international crowds! Matis dinner club is the leading restaurant with club facilities for a perfect nightlife. Spicy international dishes are served like the Japanese sushi and zesty Indian specialities! The lovely atmosphere with delicious dinner and rhythmic beats adore your attention towards it with enthusiasm. Discoteca Capannina is one of the hottest nightclubs that hosts a party in an exact Italian style.

Swine bar is a good atmosphere with friendly staff serving amazing foods and coffee is the best part in swine bar of Bologna. A nice wine to a Campari soda can be amazed at these bars. Kinki is a classy bar with stunning nightlife club to have something special during your visit in Italy. Zanarini is another stylish and classy bar in the town available for rich drinks and snacks. Mambo is the young and intelligent crowded place with more fun. The fascinating outdoors to enjoy appetisers on the daily eve of Bologna’s nightlife!

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