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Castelfidardo is a small city and a commune in the province of Ancona. The city is more familiar for the musical instrument Accordion. The artefacts and documents of the early period have collections and other museums. Castelfidardo is renowned for being the international capital of Accordion producers. Since the 19th century, rather than accordion, there are several musical instruments that are being produced in the city.

Armonica is the most familiar among them. The battle of Castelfidardo was for the expedition of thousand between Sardinian army where the city played the driving force of the war for united Italy. The battle is remembered for being bloody, and for the highly disparate numbers of troops. The city is well known for popular classical music. Young generations performing in all music genres with the promotion of accordion are great in the city. With the philosophy of the instrument, a jury of excellent quality has been formed to have the importance of talented performers. International Accordion Museum specially designed to dedicate the longevity of production of the accordion musical instrument in the city! Have many collections of the accordion to perfectly define its history in Castelfidardo of Italy.

A little museum that is wonderful and worth spending a time to know about the history of music and instruments manufactured in the town is the International Accordion Museum. National Monument in remembrance of the Battle of Castelfidardo is designed to be a beautiful park. An excellent place for relaxing and rejuvenating a new atmosphere in a new place. A playground for children is designed to make them engaged with the green lively environment!

A quiet and beautiful monumental place to remember the history of battle in the city is the national monument made as a park in Castelfidardo. A great attraction place within he town is the bedroom workshop. The uniqueness of art and decoration defines the talent of young ones in a new generation. You can book on your visit with prior reservation by just giving a call! Palazzo Delle Esposizioni has the display of world’s largest accordion.

The most admirable thing in the palazzo is that the largest accordion can be played! Happyness Bar offers many german imported beers where the friendly staff serves you at their best quality. The delicious cold beer served at the ambiance of trees are much more impressive at Castelfidardo. Hedoniste Day Spa is a great satisfying spa to spend a worth time to have peace!

A pleasure experience with various treatments to pamper your skin and de-stress yourself after a full day work! Klass Hotel is a spacious and contemporarily decorated hotel with large beds and sophisticated facilities. The wooden flooring and glass windows create an atmosphere that is a real classy world with extraordinary swimming pool.

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