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Food and drink in Bologna


Bologna city in Italy is known as la grassa means the fat one which is a friendly city to spend an entertaining vacation! A place of Italian cuisine to enjoy all the tasty foods and the town is a home of fresh pasta. Bolognese people usually prefer to eat a fish at the pizzeria. There are actually no specific places to dine at and pay a lot of money to have a fine dining. The brace pizzeria is cheap and provides yummy dishes of sea foods and other familiar pizzas. A traditional trattoria restaurant could be the best deal to have a high quality and value of food in Bolognese style.

It serves you the rich homemade dishes with tasty grilled recipes at a moderate budget. To enjoy a delicious food with decorated interior decor, you can definitely prefer the Trattoria anna maria restaurant. The cost is just above the average and it is worth to spend for the royal recipes offered at your convenience with trademark waiters serving you at their best! Le Stanze is the most lively spot for excellent bars and cafes among many of those in the Bologna city. It is a restaurant with the best deal to have a long bar in the evenings. Stanze offers a variety of cocktails with yummy pasta, cut vegetables, cheeses and many more appetites to enjoy the drinks at a budget price.

At the back streets of the maggiore square, there is an ancient market of the town where fresh fruits and vegetables stalls are attractive with a reasonable cost of selling products. Da Cesari in Bologna is one the famous dining place found at narrow streets of piazza maggiore. Local markets, tree bark chocolate and mortadella have made the city a hotspot for foodie place. Cremeria Funivia is a superb place to taste the perfect Gelato and the hot chocolate would be an exact choice to enjoy the Bolognese cuisine at cremeria. Salumeria Simoni provides the best serve where mouth-watering dishes are offered in a combination of great cheese.

The outside sitting is better to prefer than the crowded one inside. Delicious meats and dishes with cheese and bread are really good to taste! La Bottega Dei Portici is a good average budget restaurant to taste a classy pasta in Italy. The young crowd would gather at a small bar. Merchandise lounge bar has free buffet facilities which is best among the city center bars. A romantic evening to be spent with a favourite drink along with a music and love nightlife environment by dancing at a joyful club! The scudaria is the best place to have fun after a dinner drink and has a vibrant atmosphere providing tasty dishes.

Harvest pub is a great bar that offers amazing varieties of beers where local and global products are offered. Cantina Bentivoglio bar has a fantastic atmosphere with live jazz music and this would be an amazing place for you if you are a music lover! The bar wolf is the renowned place for offering wonderful cocktails The stylish decorated environment can give you a mood of enjoying superb cocktails and sophisticated hospitality is provided by the waiters. Do not miss your visit to the luxurious bars in Bologna while being in Italy!

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