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Museums in Bologna


Bologna has various significant museums that represent the city in an architectural and historic way. Bologna Modern art museum is extremely designed with high-quality standards. The museum is dedicated to visual culture and experimentation. The modern art museum is named as Mambo, the collections indicate the history of Italian art from Second World War to the current century details. Many restorations have been done with new modifications. The museum is filled with art galleries that an entire day can be spent to look over and admire at all the galleries displayed.

The museum hosts a large tournament of solo shows to encourage Italian and foreign artists. The modern art museum is the main focus for various research and innovation-based activities in Bologna. Museum for the Memory of Ustica is designed for the remembrance of people who died in crash and disaster. Obviously, it gives you some kind of sadness, while you visit the museum. A plane that was crashed is displayed in the museum. An Italian flight that suffered from an in-flight explosion while moving from bologna to Palermo. The biggest tragedies that are still unexplained with correct reasons are more shocking with pettiness.

This is a unique, emotional and heart touching museum to be visited without forgetting. Museum for the memory of ustica is a great tribute to people who lost their life in the plane crash. The most interesting one is the Ducati museum which is a transport museum in Italy. The models of motorbikes are displayed gorgeously. Boys and obviously teenagers would love to visit the museum and they may even have an idea of staying back in Bologna! Each bike displayed has its own history and tremendous specifications. The arrangements many motorbikes with different features are extremely colourful and technology based.

You can enjoy a technology and informative trip to the Ducati museum. Even people who are not that much fond of Bikes will also love the ambience with numerous motorbikes. Ducati museum is actually a bike factory tour you will happen to visit in bologna. Museo Civico Archeologico is an ancient museum with around 50museum’s philosophy. Archaeological collections can be found more in this museum with excellent preservation. You will come to know the history of the city in early centuries and products related to Egyptians dynasties are displayed in a wide manner! The large within the city that is an old building with excellent architecture and give the look of an old palace in Bologna!

Museum of the History of Bologna is an interesting museum that has displayed in small rooms. The museum is familiar to be palazzo pepoli which are superb and extremely fascinating to have a visit without fail. The most impressive museum designed with a glass tower appears out of the blue and shoots up three stories to its transparent roof! The most former museum in bologna reinvented with gorgeous design and attractive history of the city. Palazzo Comunale is a beautiful palace where early administrative buildings were present. The palazzo is present in piazza maggiore. The palazzo is now filled with memorable items and artefacts that relate and explains the history of Bologna.

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