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Pasetto caves


The Pasetto cave is a Doric-style temple and a double staircase down to the beach. The cave is located on the coastline of Marche region of Italy, in the park of Conero natural area. Passetto is a neighbourhood in Ancona on a cliff that gets into the Adriatic Sea. A white staircase leads to the rocky beach down below which is a charming composition of salvaged material like majolica tiles for the flooring, wooden sleepers used to pull boats ashore, salvaged furniture used for the most diverse purposes. The Passetto caves in Ancona are a part of the modern world.

For its inhabitants, they are the lovely beach near your house. They were dug on the early 90’s to recover little fishing and enjoyable boats to find a bit of shade during summer sunny days in order to enjoy the seaside, so close but difficult to reach. Considering the rocky peninsula upon which the city has been built. The Caves do testify the extraordinary test of the love of their owners for the sea: there are a lot of people who use over four hundred artificial caves dug at the base of the cliff to recover those boats. There exist some associations that represent cave owners and they are Cardeto Mountain Caves, Passetto Caves and Conero Broom. Visiting Ancona during winter or autumn time, it is recommended to you to go down to the staircase and take a walk alongside this coastline to take a healthy breath of sea air and taste its peculiar perfume!

In order to reach Passetto and its caves starting from the railway station or from the tourist office, you can catch bus line #1 which is accessible every 10 mins frequency. The beauty of the Adriatic coast is due to the contact between the rocks and the sea that originates landscapes very different between them and they are highly suggestive. The Passetto is the extension of the coast that goes from the area called Chair of the Pope to the staircase down to the sea, but today the name is used for an extension to indicate the entire stretch of coast where there are caves. The cave was originally mined in the rock with a pickaxe for about a length of 6 meters and a width of 3.50 meters.

To protect the entrance from frequent rockfall of the cliff above was coated to a certain depth with a barrel vault of brick, strengthened by an arch at the entrance with two heads. The floor has a slight slope to facilitate the descent of the boats. At the first light of the morning to sail the equipment then bringing the fish to the market or in some restaurants during the afternoon to drop the equipment at sea . This work was performed throughout the year with the exception of the days of bad weather. In the second part of this post, we will tell you the elements of the material evidence of the fishing gear used by the “Grottaroli ” of Passetto.

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