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Piazza Del Plebiscito


Piazza Del Plebiscito is a huge square found in the centre of Naples city of Italy. Actually, the square is named after the vote taken on 2nd of October during 1860. The square is designed in a semicircular phase where one side is a royal palace and the other with a church built in roman style. The grand events of open-air concerts are held in this square. The portico of the square is great architecture with 6 columns and 2 strong pillars. The royal palace designed during the 17th century is renovated many times without changing its original appearance.

A wondered architecture all the time from the early 17th century. The church within the square has 8 statues of famous kings who ruled the Naples city of Italy! Richly decorated rooms with luscious ornaments where enormous artworks are also displayed. Paintings and fine porcelain illuminate the room further with excitement for the visitors. The beautiful place which makes everyone stand for a while and admire the architecture is this Piazza del plebiscito. Palazzo Salerno and the Prefecture Palace are the other attractions nearby the square to visit and explore the city! The most tastiest cafe restaurant are found just opposite the piazza.

To wonder at the look of piazza del Plebiscito, you could prefer to sit at a cafe and have a hot tasty coffee and admire all those little architecture designs in perfect texture. An open atmosphere in the square that is in-between the buzzling city and the sea is gorgeous to have in Naples. Basilica of San Francesco di Paola is the renowned church located in the piazza and it is more visited by the regionals and tourists for its awesome interior designs and interesting history.

The dome of the church is around 53 metres high. The vast area of pedestrian walking makes you click on your memorable photographs for the visit at Italy’s biggest squares in Naples! The stylish church attracts more visitors for its magnificence. This is a building designed in the honour of the emperor Napoleon. The church in the square is built in the replica of Rome’s Pantheon church!

Some of the best luxurious hotels in the city are located close to the piazza. It has renowned tourist destination highlight with many rich hotels aside for he convenience. It is an old building that its walls indicate with the old church after several renovations. It maintains its ancient feel as it has been modified without changing its original appearance of the historic feel. The famous San Carlo theatre is located nearby the piazza for attracting many tourists of the town! The top shopping centres and malls of the city Naples are found near and easily reachable from the piazza. There are further interesting historic centres and wonderful piazzas to be amazed at. Do not miss your visit for the several fascinating tourist spots in the town of Naples.

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