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Story of Bologna


Bologna is the most prominent largest city found in the Emilia-Romagna area of Italy. The city takes the seven places for its high population among the cities in the country. The location is the hub of the metropolitan area with one million people. There is a popular museum where you can know the whole story of Bologna called the Palazzo Pepoli. The museum was recently renovated with modern techniques to attract the tourists. Bologna has numerous cultural, economic and political institutions and is the most attractive trade fair districts in Europe. The city is more precious and is one of the wealthiest cities among others in Italy.

Bologna has ranked top in the cities of Italy for the quality of life! The town is well known for its speciality of cuisines. The rich local cuisines are enormous in meats and cheeses. There are special and traditional Bolognese desserts set for tasting on holidays. Especially carnival sweets are more traditional named sfrappole. Do not miss to taste those yummy sweets and dishes while dining at the Bolognese restaurants! The city’s famous sport is the basket ballad n is dearly called basket city as it has historic basketball clubs preserved till now. During 16th century, the theatre was the peak entertainment to people int he town. The famous palazzo del podesta is the first public theatre. The story of bologna includes well-known festivals that host various events frequently.

The International film festival, music festival and jazz festival are more significant in the city. The culture of bologna has some nicknames refers to its popularity. Learned ones are universities, fat ones are cuisines and red ones are a colour of roofs. The most significant train centres in Italy is found in bologna’s central railway station. Thanks to the government for making the travel to tourists, visitors and regionals to reach the spot easily. Basilica of San Petronio which is the famous and largest churches in the world is located in Bologna. The city space is stylish and has large porticoes. Bologna has paid a tribute to medieval ages preservation of monuments and places that cover the area of about 350 acres.

In Europe, bologna has earned the top second place for vast areas of historic conservation! He two towers of bologna Asinelli and Garisenda provide the symbol for the town. The gorgeous Piazza maggiore constituting seven churches within is exactly a great holy place in Italy! The city’s international export focused on the automobile sector and ceramics for the building industry. Low windiness contributes to the formation of fog and haze and to an elevated smog due to local traffic.

You can definitely enjoy a romantic stay with a superb climate in Bologna. Great combination of history and modernity of bologna’s story with a beautiful museum can be admired while in Italy. Bologna was the only Italian city that allowed women to achieve in any profession and gave importance to women. Women had much more freedom than in other Italian cities. Some women even had the opportunity to earn a degree at the university.

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