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Summer jamboree in Senigallia


 The most awaited event in entire Europe and considered as the world’s second most significant music festival. The musical event taking place once in every year starting from 2000 is care taken and organised by cultural summer jamboree.

The event is developed with the support of the municipality of Senigallia. The festival is held during summer that lasts for a week with most enthusiasm and fun filled with lots of joy and enormous crowd! Bars, clubs and piazzas take a major part to contribute their part to enhance their trade with products in these kinds of grand festivals. Summer jamboree is also familiarly known to be the summer gathering in Senigallia. The word Jamboree has the unknown origin in the language of English. The festival on its seventh day is further special with live concerts and royal DJ sets performances. Jamboree has attracted the enormous mass media attention and has increased its popularity in Italy by the year of 2002 itself. The recent happening of the glorious event in 2015 has extended the duration till 10th-day event that hosted 4,00, 000 presences.

Starting from the modern art, gadgets, paintings, lingerie vintage and almost everything related to the culture of those years. Barbers and hairdressers cuts are also available as kinds of styles, a parade of cars with models seen in rare exhibitions, cars dating back to several centuries. Dance camps with interesting regional and international practitioners perform on the 7 days of celebration. There is also winter jamboree events in seasonal variations. The most awaited 17th edition festival in 2016 is from 30 July to 7th of august! Do not miss to plan your vacation during these months to have a great experience of jamboree festival in Senigallia.

To watch the rock and roll along the seaside of Senigallia tons of people gather for the international summer Jamboree music festival. Familiarly and gorgeously known to be hottest rockin holiday on earth. Now for the 14 edition of the event, rock and roll audiences will be surprised with international artists and the first time in Italy! This is a wonderful festival attended by thousands of people around the world, dedicated to a music world that has to be rediscovered.

The august Italian summer nights are filled with entertainment and music in the summer jamboree! The seashore of Senigallia that is the hub of Riviera Adriatic is the location of festivals grand stage. Forum Annonario is the stage where all concerts happen with those elegance way of presenting themselves from various regions.

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