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Theatres in Bologna


Teatro Anatomico is the top attractive places in Italy among the theatres in Bologna. You can see dozens of people walking along with you to admire the magnificence of the theatre. The wood carvings are lovely and history seems very interesting to about the theatre in Bologna. Teatro Comunale di Bologna is a wonderful opera house. The auditorium is exciting with great design to enjoy the show and have fun! A pretty antique theatre that has magnificent and preserved wooden understage machinery. The intervals can be purely enjoyed with great service of catering providing good snacks and tea.

Sounds and lighting are majestic and applauds are enormous wondering at the great shows! This is the major opera house and the first one to be built with public funds and owned by the municipality. Various renovations have been undergone since 17th century till now to withhold it at the top position for its elegance and magnificence! The lovely theatre is old and classic. A bell-shaped auditorium consisting of four row of boxes with a luxury box for comfort. A small gallery with a ceiling decorated as if it is open to the sky was built primarily of masonry to protect the theatre against fire in case of emergency.

Duse theatre is an old traditional theatre of Bologna. The season of great events in the theatre is during mid-October to early may. The programs are held in a sequence from drama to comedy and then classical and contemporary! Worth a visit to the duse theatre for its ultimate beauty and it is really so beautiful to look over from the gallery. The stylish sitting arrangements with many furniture works are good to experience with a music concert in the city. Arena del Sole is an ancient theatre int he town that involves performances of drama that also hosts music and dance shows! Piccolo Teatro del Baraccano is a small theatre which was very famous during the 70’s. It was only reopened in 2006 by the municipality of bologna, thanks to the government to provide a great space for entertainment.

Teatri di Vita is a modern theatre within the city for performing dance shows where people from all over the world participates and enjoys the event in Bologna! Cinema and music concerts can also be enjoyed at this destination. Auditorium Teatro Manzoni is the famous theatre for hosting classical music, ethnic, jazz and modern shows which were greatly renovated in 2003. Teatro del Navile is a compact theatre with 80 seats that is easily walkable from the piazza Maggiore.

Mostly it hosts dramas and has art gallery shows frequently. Teatro Alessandro Guardassoni is a historical theatre that takes educational activities, university and college-related programs, conferences, lectures and rarely the charity events for the wealth of regional people! Teatro Dehon hosts Italian and foreign programs that were early renovated to be modern in the ancient time itself! Teatro Delle Moline is a historical theatre in Bologna built for the purpose to encourage the young talents to perform in the Italian theatres.

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